Pastor Sammy Barrett

Hi my name is Sammy Barrett; everyone else calls me Bro. Sammy and with that being said let me you a little about myself. I was born in 1964 in Rockmart Georgia, un-churched most of my life.

 In 1989 I married Missy Head (Barrett); and little did I know my life was about to change. My new wife is a Christian and I was not. No one ever witnessed to me, invited me to church, or even me Christian examples. That was about to change.

Raising myself from childhood, by choice, I never experienced a Christian home, life, love, or forgiveness. I was ignorant about Jesus Christ and anything and everything He offered.

In 1991 my life changed as I attended my first church service to see my estranged mother get baptized into an old church of about 20. There Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit convicted me that I was lost. The problem was I didn’t know how to be saved. In October of 1991 I gave my heart to Jesus Christ after a Pastor taught me how to pray. My struggle was with forgiveness of my broken past.

Jesus set me free in my Mother-in-laws living room floor!

God put the Gospel call on my life in 1995. I immediately started preaching all over. Nursing homes, jail ministry, evangelism, crusades, and churches everywhere. Many people wanted to hear my story; but I felt the need for education.

To date I have studied:

  • Andersonville Baptist Seminary
  • Liberty Baptist Seminary
  • Covington Theological Seminary
  • New Orleans Theological Seminary
  • Dallas Theological Seminary

I was licensed into the Gospel Ministry in 1995 and Ordained into my first Pastorate in 1998. Now blessed to be serving as Pastor of North Baptist Church. I have served two churches in the past as Pastor but have finally found a home here at NSBC. God has and will continue; to bless this church.

Come join us at NSBC “Where Grace Abides and Love Abounds”