North Summerville Baptist Church is a gathering of Spirit filled, born again, baptized believers who follow Jesus Christ in actions and attitude. We here at NSBC love the Lord Jesus and take His commission to heart. We believe whole heartedly in evangelism by reaching inward with love, grace, mercy, music, and message; but also by reaching outward to our neighborhood, community, city, county, and state. We do our best to show the love, grace, and mercy that Jesus Christ has shown to us.

We strive for unity, faith, fellowship, and forgiveness all while exhibiting a Spirit of worship, praise, fun, and excitement. When you come to NSBC what should your expectations be?

  1. We have talented and Spirit filled Sunday School teachers; for all ages; who provide the opportunity to sit in a relaxed atmosphere and build on our faith and devotion to God’s Word; while learning the principals, precepts, and promises in the Bible and how to apply them.
  2. We have lively music and singing from the hymn book as well as talented individuals who sing as led of God and moved by the Spirit of God.
  3. We have a praise team who actively lead in skits, songs, and worship.
  4. We provide an opportunity to give a portion back to God that He has given to us. In our tithes and offerings we give cheerfully, freely, and in obediently to support the church and its ministries.
  5. We allow the moving of the Holy Spirit to rearrange, redirect, and reroute our worship services as He sees fit out of meekness, humbleness, and submissiveness to the will of God.
  6. We preach, teach, and reach every person we can with faith, forgiveness, and fervency. We will never compromise the standards of the Bible and Biblical doctrine.
  7. We bring the Gospel  message across in a lively, loving, and liberating way while providing charisma, confidence, compassion,  and compliance to the Bible which God’s Holy Word.
  8. We preach in a conservative, informative, expository, and alliterated fashion.
  9. We insure the message of the cross of Christ and the implementing of grace and faith will never be watered down nor compromised.
  10. We provide an opportunity for evangelism of the lost to come to Christ, encouraging of the wayward saints to come back to Christ, and empowerment of those on fire for Christ.
  11. When we conclude our worship services; our goal is for every person to leave changed, loved, encouraged, and with direction in their experience at NSBC.
  12. We have midweek Bible study for adults, teens, and children.
  13. We have activities for seniors, adults, young adults, teens, and children.
  14. We strive to grow in grace and truth in the Lord while sharing the necessities of the Christian life.
  15. We are a different church. We are a church ” Where Grace Abides and Love Abounds.”

Please plan to attend NSBC and you will fit in somewhere!!!